First Round of Reviews Are In!

The World Over is creating a buzz with reviewers and podcasters! See what they’re saying about Heath C. Michaels’ newest short film!

I can honestly say that The World Over is, without a doubt, the best short I have ever seen.

— Maggie Stancu,


This is smart, short science fiction... I can't recommend this enough.

— Mark Woodring, Visually Stunning Podcast


I would have to say it’s my favourite short film this year.

— Vanessa Stewart,


Dark, fantastical and nightmarish. (5/5)

— Rickey Russell, A Southern Life in Scandalous Times


The World Over translates a universal fear from reality to the big screen with a quality story, cinematography, and performances.

— Stacy Cox, unpredictable film...

— Mark Krawczyk, The Final Cut Video Review


...a story concept that I just loved.

— Daniel Simmonds,


...a great job of creating a constant sense of dread and tension.

— Jim Morazzini,


...darkly affecting...juggles poignancy and horror

— Jeremiah, Rosario, 13th Floor and clever...

— Fernando Fernandez, FernTV


The short film world is rife with clever sci-fi concepts, but very few are as well conceived as Heath Michaels' The World Over.

— Jay Clarke, The Horror Section